Digital Transformation is a Journey not a Destination

Embark on the Digital Transformation Journey with DXchange Integration Cloud

A cloud native hybrid integration platform for connecting and collaborating with any platform, any application, anywhere. Now design, develop, deploy and manage integrations with ease, be it any service, platform, process, application or data within or across organizations. It is highly scalable from infrastructure (microservices architecture) and operational manageability point of view.

Enterprise iPaaS

Cloud-agnostic integration platform helping enterprises seamlessly and securely integrate cloud applications and on-premises legacy applications using click and configure approach.

Connect Anything & Everything

Accelerate digital transformation by using out-of-the-box connectors/solutions. Quickly build and deploy powerful, secure and reusable integration solutions with no code platform.

Unified Experience

Create unified, intuitive, simple and consistent experience in efficiently integrating data and applications across the enterprise.

Core Features

Multi-dimensional platform supporting Domains (Application, Data, Process & B2B/EDI), End points (Cloud and On-premise), Deployment Models (Cloud, On-premises & Hybrid) & Personas (Citizen Integrators, Ad Hoc Integrators & IT Specialists)

Building on the ease of development and deployment, along with cloud native capabilities of DXchange, provide a powerful integration framework with microservice architecture.

Full API Lifecycle Management from design, build, test, through to deployment. Flexible, policy-based runtime governance for your APIs, along with rich management layer.

Automates the entire life cycle of services: provisioning, monitoring, upgrading and scaling. Leveraging Infrastructure as a Code process along with an Intuitive UI for managing the cloud services. Centralized management and reporting of all resources.

Deployment of network, storage and compute across multiple servers/services, bringing end users a consistent experience along with providing full Visibility into management tasks port provisioning.

Security is an integral part of the base network to increase privacy and control network access. Encryption in transit with TLS across all services and secure remote connectivity options in place. Security controls have been implemented at network, data and application layers to protect and secure customer data at different layers. Customer data is secured by encrypting data at rest and transit, Frontend web tier has restricted access to backend applications with strict admission controls in place.
Intelligent Collaboration Business Process Application utilizing task context approach where users can collaborate while following the end-to-end processes, providing agility while maintaining adequate levels of process control thus improving efficiency and effectiveness.
Actionable insights straight to your Inbox. At-a-glance views of KPIs relevant to objective or business process, providing the ability to identify and correct negative trends and also helping in quick identification of outliers and correlations.
Complete Business Rules Engine with Rules Repository (Database for storing rules), Rule Editor (Intuitive UI to design, document and edit rules), Reporting Component (Intuitive UI for querying and reporting existing rules) and Rule Engine Execution Core (Code that enforces rules)
DXchange provides a rich and powerful graphical data mapping and transformation tool to support any to any formats, along with supporting semantic mapping. Interactive debugger to assist with mapping design, allowing users to step through a single map and see the data flow at each step. Extremely flexible for complex integration tasks with ability to support multi-step mapping.
While applications remain siloed, gaining business agility and flexibility requires huge investments defeating the time to market

Now you can leverage DXchange Integration Cloud for bringing these siloes together

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DXchange Integration Cloud is a Cloud Native Hybrid Integration Platform providing business agility to enterprises by connecting applications, data, devices both on-premises and in the cloud, enabling them to be digitally transformed. It's a Unified Integration Platform for connecting and collaborating with Any platform, Any application, Anywhere, and supports an Hybrid deployment model with Embedded Collaboration and Integrated Infrastructure Management.